Nearly 60% of NYC Voters Say Their Family Would Be Better Off Somewhere Else


Almost 60% of New York City registered voters agree with the idea that their family would have a better future if they left the city permanently, according to a new poll published Wednesday.

The survey from political consultants Fontas Advisors and polling firm Core Decision Analytics adds to a growing body of evidence that New Yorkers are preoccupied with rising crime and public safety, and want something done about it if they’re to stay here.

Asked to agree or disagree with the statement “My family would have a better future if we left NYC permanently,” some 25% said they strongly agree and another 34% said they somewhat agree.

By demographics, 65% or more all of respondents under age 49 said they agreed to some extent with the sentiment. Just 49% of white respondents concurred, but more than 60% of all Black, Hispanic and Asian voters in the poll agreed.

Geographically, the sentiment was strongest in the Bronx and Queens, where 70% and 65%, respectively, agreed they’d be better off leaving. Some 68% of those with children in the home also agreed they’d do better elsewhere.


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