Nearly 500 migrants come ashore in Florida Keys, forcing major park to close

A massive wave of migrants arrived in the Florida Keys over the weekend, as some 500 people believed to be from Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean came ashore in what local officials described as a major “crisis.”

The arrivals forced authorities to close Dry Tortugas National Park, where some 300 migrants arrived over New Year’s and were met by first responders who did their best to provide aid, including food and water.

At about the same time, another 160 migrants landed by boat in other parts of the Florida Keys, officials said.

Then on Monday, two new groups of migrants that made up about 30 people were found in the Middle Keys.

Officials with Dry Tortugas National Park said the park would be closed to the public for “several days” while efforts are made to assist and process the migrants.


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