NBC: We Have a ‘Border Crisis’ on U.S.-Canada Border

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During a report aired on Wednesday’s broadcast of “NBC Nightly News,” NBC News Homeland Security Correspondent Julia Ainsley stated that the surge in crossings along the United States-Canada border is “America’s newest border crisis.”

Ainsley began her report by saying, “Tonight, America’s newest border crisis. This one, up north.”

She added, “The Clinton County Sheriff’s office tells us they’re encountering migrants, mainly Mexicans, illegally crossing over the border from Canada at record levels. Crossings here are almost ten times higher than they were last year, nearly 70,000 crossings over the entire northern border since October.”

Ainsley reported from an area “where Sheriff David Favro (D) says his team recently helped rescue more than 20 migrants, including an elderly woman, from frigid temperatures.” And showed an image of a “family…recently found carrying a baby and a toddler in sub-zero temperatures.”

She added, “Officials say some Mexican migrants believe there’s a better chance they’ll get into the U.S. through Canada and they can fly to Canada without a visa.”