NBC Pulls ‘Nurses’ Episode After Massive Backlash Over ‘Jew face,’ ‘Anti-Semitic’ Scene


NBC is pulling an episode of its medical drama Nurses after falling under heavy fire for an “anti-Semitic” scene, in which a Hasidic patient refuses a bone graft from a “goyim” — the Yiddish word for a non-Jewish person.

“The graft, where does it come from?” asks the Hasidic patient in the scene.

“It’s called an allo bone graft, it’s harvested from a deceased donor,” replies the doctor.

“A goyim leg, from anyone, an Arab? A woman?” asks a second Hasidic character.

“Or God forbid an Arab woman,” says a third character.

Allison Josephs — founder of the nonprofit organization Jew in the City — resurfaced the clip Tuesday on Twitter, where she included her  blog post calling on NBC to apologize for its Nurses scene.

“There is no prohibition on getting a dead body part surgically inserted into one’s body,” wrote Jospehs. “In fact, Jewish law says we should use the best medicine of our times to recover from our illnesses.”

“There is no prohibition to get a non-Jewish body part inserted, nor is there a prohibition if the part belongs to a woman or an Arab,” she added. “The idea that such a surgery would be problematic in general or problematic because of where the bone came from not only is categorically false according to Jewish law, it is a vicious lie that endangers men who walk around with curled side locks and black hats.”

Seffi Kogen, the head of Young Leadership at the American Jewish Committee (AJC), echoed Josephs sentiments, tweeting, “I think this is the most antisemitic thing I have ever seen in a TV show.”

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