NBC deceptively edits video of Columbus police shooting of Ma’Kiah Bryant, omits key facts to paint false narrative

The Post Millennial:

NBC Nightly News deceptively edited video footage of the officer-involved shooting in Columbus, Ohio that left Ma’Kiah Bryant dead on Tuesday evening, omitted key facts including the 911 call of an attempted stabbing and the knife in Bryant’s hand.

Upon arrival, officers found 15-year-old Ma’Kiah Bryant wielding a knife while running at the victim, attempting to kill her. Bryant was moments away from stabbing the individual when CPD officers fired shots that fatally struck Ma’Kiah, saving the life of the victim.

The Columbus Police Department released bodycam footage late Tuesday night, which showed the obvious murder attempt by Ma’Kiah Bryant. The video footage released by the Columbus Police Department showcased the 911 call where the caller stated that a girl was “trying to stab us.”

NBC Nightly News omitted the important 911 call on-air that failed to show viewers that Bryant was trying to kill the caller. In the bodycam footage, Bryant can be seen wielding a knife and running at the victim, just moments away from potentially taking her life.

However, NBC Nightly News omitted the attack on-air and instead only showed footage of the police officer fatally shooting Bryant. They later panned to Bryant’s knife which was laying on the ground after she was shot, attempting to paint a deceptive narrative to spark an even greater outrage.

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