Nazi Symbols Carved into Menorah in Beverly Hills on First Night of Hanukkah

A man was arrested Sunday night after Nazi symbols were found carved into the base of a large menorah in Beverly Hills on the first night of Hanukkah.

Officers responded to reports of a man vandalizing a menorah near Sunset Boulevard and Foothill Road, according to a statement released by the Beverly Hills Police Department.

The suspect, Eric Brian King, of Dallas, Texas, was captured on surveillance cameras hurling objects at the menorah, police said, and is now under investigation for felony, vandalism and a hate crime.

“The initial investigation revealed that King carved Nazi symbols into the base of the menorah,” police said. “He was charged with felony vandalism and a hate crime.”

“A despicable act such as this will never be tolerated in our City,” said Police Chief Mark G. Stainbrook.

Rabbi Noah Farkas, president and chief executive of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, was cited by the Los Angeles Times as saying his organization is working with Beverly Hills officials and local law enforcement “to ensure that justice is served and future acts of hate can be prevented.”


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