Nato masses 30,000 troops & 50 warships for huge war games on Russia’s border risking ‘roid rage’ Putin’s wrath  

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NATO has amassed 30,000 troops and 50 warships near Russia’s border for military exercises risking Mad Vlad’s rage. The drill named Cold Response has kicked off today in Norway amid escalating tensions between Russia and the West over the invasion of Ukraine. The exercise includes 30,000 troops from more than 25 countries from Europe and North America, 200 aircraft, and 50 vessels. The largest Nato exercise which is held just a few miles from the Russian border was planned long before Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine but its significance has now been heightened. “This exercise is extremely important for the security of Norway and its allies. We will practice an allied reinforcement of Norway”, Norwegian Defence Minister Odd Roger Enoksen. “It is not being held because of the Russian authorities’ attack on Ukraine, but given the backdrop there is a heightened significance.” The aim of the drill is to test how Norway and Alliance members would work together on land, in the air, and at sea in line with Article 5 of NATO’s charter, which requires member states to come to the aid of another member state under attack. “I find it totally normal, perhaps now more than ever, to train together to demonstrate our capacity and our willingness to defend our values and our way of life”, stated General Yngve Odlo, head of Norway’s Joint Headquarters and in charge of Cold Response. The Norwegian armed forces said it provided thorough information to the Russians, including the Russian Ministry of Defense, saying that was vital for preventing misunderstandings and unnecessary conflict. Russia has declined to observe the exercise which is held every two years and is due to end on April 1. And even though it was planned months ago, it is bound to infuriate the Russian dictator who may have “roid rage” potentially caused by cancer treatment. Western spies have speculated Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine may have been sparked by his physical health condition as he appears “ashen and bloated” in recent pictures released by the Kremlin. They believe he is suffering from a brain condition, such as Parkinson’s disease or a more generic form of dementia – or has cancer. Another theory is that he is suffering from “roid rage” from the long-term use of steroids. Side effects of steroids include increased risk of infection – which it is claimed could explain his paranoia about catching Covid.

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