National Guardsmen Stand Watch on Steps of Lincoln Memorial


Dozens of National Guardsmen and federal police officers stood watch on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Tuesday evening, opposite a large group of protesters. The soldiers and airmen stood facing the protesters while wearing masks, helmets, and personal protective equipment. President Donald Trump activated all members of the D.C. National Guard to respond to the civil unrest in the nation’s capital — adding hundreds more Guardsmen to the mission to protect human life and property. Rioters defaced Lincoln Memorial on Sunday as the capital city descended into chaos. They also looted stores and burned buildings including historic St. John’s Church located a block away from the White House. The next day, the president called in active-duty military forces to defend the city. That evening, the capital was quiet as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and Attorney General Bill Barr walked the streets of downtown D.C


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