WATCH – NATION OF ISLAM follower attacks the U.S. Capitol kills cops and the left wing media slime omit this minor detail!

Pictured: The Facebook page that has NOW BEEN TAKEN DOWN

The Daily Mail:

  • The suspect has been named by NBC as 25-year-old Noah Green from Virginia 
  • He killed Capitol cop Billy Evans by mowing him down on Friday in a blue Nissan Altima at 1.02pm 
  • Another cop, who has not yet been named, was injured by Green but survived
  • NBC reporter Pete Williams said Green was a supporter of Nation of Islam, whose head is Louis Farrakhan 
  • The Nation teaches black people rule the earth, were created first, and every other race descends from them
  • A Facebook page belonging to someone of the same name had posts about the religion; it has been removed  
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff in honor of the cop who was killed  

The Capitol police officer killed by a knife-wielding driver on Friday has been identified as veteran cop Billy Evans.  Evans had worked for the Capitol Police for 18 years. 

On Friday, he was killed and one of his fellow officers was critically injured when a suspect, named by NBC as Noah Green, mowed them down in his blue Nissan Altima. 

Green, who was from Indiana but has ties to Virginia, was then shot dead by other cops.  He was not known to police in Washington DC but he did have a record in another state, according to law enforcement sources. 

It’s unclear what prompted him to carry out Friday’s attack.  NBC reports that he was a follower of Nation of Islam but police are yet to confirm that. 

A Facebook page belonging to a man with his name has now been taken down. It showed he was a fan of the leader of Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan. 

The Nation of Islam, founded in Chicago in 1930, teaches that black people are the rulers of earth, who were created first, and who every other race descends from.


Video courtesy of the LA Times


Video courtesy of NBC News channel

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