NASA boss: China could ‘claim the moon as its territory’ and ban the USA from landing there

The head of Nasa is worried China may claim the moon as its own territory – and prevent the US from landing there again.

‘It is a fact: we’re in a space race,’ the current Nasa Administrator, Bill Nelson, said in an interview.

‘And it is true that we better watch out that they [China] don’t get to a place on the moon under the guise of scientific research.

‘And it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they say, “Keep out, we’re here, this is our territory,”‘ Nelson added.

Nelson, who was appointed to the top job at Nasa by President Biden in 2021 claimed he and others are increasingly concerned about China’s plans for lunar exploration.

The country’s space presence has grown massively over the last few years and in 2019, it became the first country to explore the far side of the moon with the Chang’e 4 probe.

But according to Nelson, the Communist nation could be planning to corner the market on resource-rich locations on the moon’s surface. It could then try to block out the US and other countries from setting up lunar bases and carrying out other activities there.

‘If you doubt that, look at what they did with the Spratly Islands,’ he said in the interview with Politico.


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