Narcotics Board: Pot Legalization, Poorly Regulated Medical Use, Pose Threat


A new annual report from the International Narcotics Control Board warned that recreational legalization of marijuana risks unintended consequences including “injuries in motor vehicle crashes, mental illnesses such as psychoses, impaired cognitive and educational performance, disrupted adolescent development and adverse effects on fetal development.”

The body that oversees United Nations drug conventions said it fears waning concern, due to increasing legalization, of cannabis’ “capacity to produce a state of dependence and constitute a public and social problem.”

“Poorly controlled programmes for the medicinal use of cannabinoids can potentially have adverse effects on public health,” the report adds. “They may increase non-medical cannabis use among adults and contribute to the legalization of non-medical cannabis use by weakening public perceptions of the risks of using cannabis and reducing public concern about legalizing non-medical (so-called ‘recreational’) cannabis use, which is contrary to the international drug control treaties.”

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