Nancy Pelosi stirs the pot – Calls police chokeholds a ‘LYNCHING’

New York Post:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described police chokeholds as “a lynching,” saying she was confident Republican lawmakers will agree to ban them after Democrats introduced a large package of reforms last week, according to a report.

“I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have a ban on chokeholds. Let’s get reasonable,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said on CNN on Monday night. “A chokehold is a lynching. That’s a strangulation. It’s a lynching.”

She added: “I think that is almost like the lowest common denominator, but again I will leave it up to my negotiators, because as you know in a negotiation, it’s not what’s in or out, it’s the sum total of the different impact that the legislation will have in justice and policing.”

Pelosi’s comments come as House Democrats and Senate Republicans led by Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) work to advance two competing police reform packages amid national unrest over police brutality and racism that began after the death of George Floyd while in custody of Minneapolis cops.

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