Shocking scene at Bronx station as naked man falls from tracks

NY Post

This is the Big Apple’s mental-health crisis laid bare. Disturbing video shows a naked man dangling by one arm from an elevated 6 train station at Westchester and Metropolitan avenues in the Bronx as onlookers give a play-by-play. “Look at this dude … Holy f–king. Homie acting a fool,” the videographer can be heard saying as he looks up at the man from a Parkchester street. The man, kicking his legs, holds on to the outside edge of the southbound tracks as a train slowly approaches, stops and then keeps going. About 30 seconds into the video, the man lets go and drops some 20 feet to the pavement. A teenager holding a basketball and walking under the station looks startled and runs by the naked man on the ground. “He dropped. He dropped. He dropped,” the videographer says before approaching the man — who is on his stomach on the pavement, but not visibly bleeding — and declaring, “Yo, I’m gonna get the cops.” The NYPD confirmed the Dec. 23 incident and said the unidentified man, who is in his 20s, was conscious and alert when taken to Jacobi Hospital.

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