N.J. restaurateur rallies fellow owners to defy ‘POS de Blasio’: ‘You have 2 choices, fight or surrender’

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A struggling New Jersey restaurant owner blasted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over their continued coronavirus-mandated bans on indoor dining, calling the latter a “piece of s**t.”

In an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Saturday, Attilio Guarino, owner of Ava’s Kitchen and Bar in Kenilworth,” ripped the seemingly endless COVID-19 restrictions, saying that people should be able to make up their own minds whether they want to patronize businesses.

Co-host Will Cain asked Guarino how difficult it was to earn a profit or whether it was just about “the ability to stay open at this point.”

“Well, we are open at this point. But we are operating at a loss every week,” Guarino said.

“I want to keep my message short and sweet,” he continued. “We can’t continue to follow these executive orders. They must end.”

“And my message is out for New York right now. New York needs to open. Case closed. Don’t worry about what Cuomo says or piece of s**t de Blasio, they need to open right now.”

The restauranteur then said he and other owners have really been left with little choice.

“Most restaurants are in fear of losing their liquor license. Okay? What good is your liquor license if you are going to close for good in the next two months? Everyone needs to open and need to open right now,” he said.

“So they have two choices. You either fight or you surrender and that is it. We need to open. And then leave it up to the people. Let them decide whether or not they want to support small businesses,” said Guarino.

“Because we have been fighting right now for nine months straight. We are following every executive order and we are getting nowhere. So we have to do what we have to do and that is this, we need to open,” he added.

Restaurants and bars have among the hardest-hit businesses during the pandemic.

In New York City and the surrounding region, bars and restaurants — a major feature of the city — have been shut down off and on since mid-March.

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