Mystery of couple stabbed to death while biking home solved by a credit card receipt and mystery initials


Police were able to track down a suspect involved in the stabbing death of a couple after a server recognized him as a person she served.

Last Tuesday, photos and video of a man, now identified as Jean Macean, were shared in connection with the murder of a husband and wife in Daytona Beach.

That was when Valerie Court, a waitress in the area, realized she served the man on Saturday, March 5. Macean had used a credit card to pay for his meal as well.

“I’m very happy that I was able to help them get a dangerous person off the street,” Court said.

Court said that Macean sat at her table for a late lunch dressed in the same outfit she had seen on the news. The man was also carrying a backpack.

“I thought maybe he wanted to be left alone, because he was short-worded with me, so I just kept his tea filled up,” she said.

It was hours after their brief encounter that Terry and Brenda Aultman were repeatedly stabbed early Sunday morning. The couple was riding their bikes home at the time of their deaths.

Court said that the man had paid with a credit card.


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