Mysteriously ‘found’ ballots in Dem strongholds in Florida, Arizona threaten Election Day results


A midterm election season that appeared quite settled Tuesday night has suddenly entered a bitterly contested overtime, with Arizona’s Senate candidates locked in a tight race and trading the lead as votes trickle in – and Florida reprising its 2000 role as the center of a ballot-counting brawl complete with armies of lawyers and allegations of local corruption.

In Arizona, Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema suddenly took a narrow 9,600-vote lead over GOP opponent Martha McSally late Thursday, with some 400,000 votes left to count in a closely watched race that will determine the size and influence of the Republican Senate majority in January.

That was after McSally had consistently led Sinema since Election Day, and was ahead by 17,000 votes as of early Thursday.

And while Georgia, too, hosts a war of words over the contested outcome of the state’s gubernatorial contest, Florida has captured the political world’s attention as both sides accuse the other of trying to “steal” the election, with an airtight Senate and gubernatorial race on the line.

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