My Socialist Hell: The Growing Evil of Sexual Slavery in Venezuela

Everything that has occurred in Venezuela over the past two decades has undoubtedly left physical and psychological scars on my people. The repression, violence, shortages, and everything else that has been unleashed through the rule of the socialist regime should serve as a cautionary tale for everyone.

This time around, I would like to bring attention to one aspect — a pure evil on its own — that is not often talked about: the growing sexual exploitation of Venezuelan women in the country and beyond its borders, which has grown unchecked under the shadow of (and thanks to) the rise and collapse of the once-celebrated Bolivarian Socialism.

It is a growing, extremely delicate matter that has often gone muffled by “bigger” news such as rolling blackouts, inflation, currency shenanigans, and all those occurrences that I often deal with through humor.

The recently released report from the United Nations Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (FFMV) makes a special mention of the grave human rights violations that occur in the socialist regime’s Mining Arc.

The Arc is a large area located between the States of Bolívar, Amazonas, and Delta Amacuro established by dictator Maduro and heavily controlled by the military. The indiscriminate and voracious mining of gold and other minerals has caused serious environmental damage and have forced the indigenous population to flee.


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