My Socialist Hell: Maduro Abruptly Shuts Down Regime ID System Venezuelans Need for Everything – Including Buying Toilet Paper

The socialist regime of Venezuela suddenly took its SAIME identity systems offline on June 17 with no warning or explanation, suspending the issuance of Venezuelan passports and identification documents to its citizens both inside and outside the country.

After more than three weeks of silence and because of social media pressure, the regime decided to wash its hands of the matter and vaguely blamed the outrage on “U.S. sanctions.”

In a statement released the evening of July 12 via Twitter, SAIME — Venezuela’s Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Foreigners — absolved itself of all responsibility by saying the platform’s outage is “due to the perverse and pernicious impact caused by the technological blockade against the country” without giving any explanations to those affected.

The suspension of SAIME’s systems for nearly a month now has severe repercussions for Venezuelan citizens. It essentially leaves those trying to obtain one to travel out of the country stranded. For the more than six million (and counting) members of the Venezuelan diaspora, life without a valid form of identification can be very difficult.

In many cases, Venezuelan citizens abroad have had their salaries withheld, bank accounts disabled, and phone contracts suspended for not having a valid passport. Many are currently at risk of losing their jobs or losing their visa applications, jobs, or even sport or study opportunities if they do not get new passports soon.


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