‘My Lawn Is Now Becoming A Public Bathroom’: Portland Residents Upset Homeless Overrunning Neighborhood

Tents, broken-down cars, piles of garbage and RVs line the streets off Southeast 80th and Powell. It’s a residential neighborhood turned nightmare for families who live there.

“I’m living in a nightmare neighborhood,” said Christina Hartnett who’s lived in the neighborhood for about five years.

“It’s really scary,” added her neighbor David Berkson. 

For years, they’ve been watching the city’s homeless crisis spread across parts of Southeast Portland. Now, it’s right outside their front door.

“I want to cry. I just want my house back,” said Hartnett. “My lawn is now becoming a public bathroom.”

She fears leaving her house just to go to work.

“It is scary. When you have grown men meth raging in your driveway, the last thing I feel safe doing is going out and saying ‘Hey, can you please move so I can go to work.’”

Calling police and the city is an everyday chore, with little reward.

“So far no one has come to help us. No one has come to help us,” said Berkson.


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