‘My heart broke’: Legal immigrant testifies on why she came forward as a whistleblower for America

Biz Pac Review:

A woman who identified herself as a legal immigrant from India testified before a Michigan state House panel on Wednesday, that her “heart broke” when she saw Democratic poll watchers cheering when GOP counterparts were being kicked out of a vote-counting facility in Detroit last month.

At one point the woman, who identified herself as “Hema,” praised the U.S. and said she was grateful for the opportunity to start her own business, which she said was among the 50 fastest-growing firms in the country.

She then told state lawmakers that the “intent” of GOP poll watchers set up at the TCF Center in Detroit on Election Day “was not to get into fights with anybody.”

After explaining it was her “choice” to surrender her Indian citizenship to become an American citizen, she likened that to the choice she made to become a poll watcher in an effort to help in a country that has been good to her.

Her moving testimony …

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