Muslim Parents in Michigan Protest Sexually Explicit Books in Schools

Parents in Dearborn, Michigan, protested sexually explicit books available to children in their public schools with one father saying, “All it is, is protecting our children.”

Last week, a Dearborn Public Schools board meeting was shut down due to parents protesting the same issue. Parents also voiced their malcontent with the school district at a rally against the gender theory indoctrination children were receiving at school.

One parent, Hassan Shami, spoke against the materials, saying, “If you’re on Facebook, all you see is fearmongering, political rhetoric and this is book-banning, censorship, homophobic, all this is just protecting our children.”

“We as concerned parents in Dearborn are not tied to the left, to the right when it comes to this issue and we’re not going to be used as pawns for any organization for their agenda,” Shami continued. “We’re here to protect our children.”

The American left is attacking the protesters, a majority of whom are Muslim, as being “homophobic.” Protesters contend, however, that children simply should not be exposed to such sexually explicit material.


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