“Murdered That Man For Laughs”: Shocking Video Of Out-Of-Control Teens In Vegas

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Major media outlets with a progressive slant downplay the surge in violent crime in Democratic-controlled cities and counties and often overlook the growing culture of violence affecting the younger generation.

There has been a rise in violence committed by teenagers and young men in major cities across the US. Some experts question if mental health issues stemming from Covid lockdowns are the reason for the outbursts of violence committed by the youth. Or perhaps Hollywood desensitizes teens with violent movies, songs, and video games. Or maybe it’s social media or the state promoting fatherless homes.

While it’s too early to tell why the younger generation feels the need to reenact scenes from the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ a video is going viral this weekend of an incident last month of teens in Las Vegas going on a joyride, senselessly targeting other vehicles and even intentionally running down a bicyclist.