MSU FLOWCHART helps students decide if costumes are ‘racist’


A Michigan State University department debuted Halloween posters titled, “A Culture is not a Costume” and included a guide called, “Is Your Halloween Costume Racist?”

MSU’s Residence Hospitality and Services department featured the signs, which included a heavily detailed “Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation” section, as spotted by Campus Reform.

The boards are found throughout many of the university’s dorms. One poster brands the addition of a sombrero to a taco costume as “racist.”

The poster contains a flowchart, which asks students whether their costumes use blackface, swastikas, or have “literally a name of a minority (that you are not) in the title of your costume.” At one point, the poster suggests that if students are “still asking yourself the question ‘is this costume racist?’” that they should not wear it.

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