MS-13’s ‘Little Devil’ licked blood off her lips as gang members hacked and slashed teens to death with machetes, knives, and tree branches: Prosecutors


Long Island’s “Little Devil” told her MS-13 boyfriend she “was really happy” she lured four men into a deadly ambush by machete-wielding gang members, according to a recording of a jailhouse call presented as evidence at her federal murder trial.

Leniz Escobar’s disturbing caught-on-tape admission was obtained by The Post Thursday — as a jury in Central Islip federal court began weighing the 22-year-old woman’s fate.

Escobar, who is on trial for murder and racketeering in the 2017 massacre, told beau Jeffery Amador she “f—ed” up because one intended victim escaped — but had no other regrets, according to Suffolk County Jail phone recordings.

“So, why the f–k do you have to get involved in that s–t?” Amador snapped at Escobar in one call played in court. “What you’d get out of all this?”

“Nothing,” Escobar answered. “I was gonna be happy. Because I was really happy. I’m telling you straight out, I was happy for this to happen.”

“Yeah,” Amador said. “I know that you get excited with stuff like that, with crazy stuff, you know?”

“Yeah,” she answered. “I was happy for that to happen.”


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