Mountain goat kills grizzly bear by stabbing it with razor-sharp horns

The goat’s horns pierced the unfortunate bear in the armpit and neck.

After being attacked by a female grizzly bear, a (very fortunate) mountain goat seems to have fought back, ultimately using its horns to impale and kill the furry predator, according to an analysis of the bear’s corpse by Parks Canada. Hikers discovered the body of the 154-pound (70 kilograms) female grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) just off a popular hiking route on Sept. 4. Park rangers quickly airlifted the carcass away from the trail to make sure that it did not attract additional predators and put hikers in danger. Officials initially weren’t sure what had killed the female grizzly, which appeared to have been stabbed by something around the neck and armpit. A necropsy (animal autopsy) was carried out on the remains and revealed a surprising culprit. “The forensic necropsy subsequently confirmed that the wounds incurred before death were consistent with the size and shape of mountain goat horns,” David Laskin, a wildlife ecologist at Parks Canada, told local news outlet Rocky Mountain Outlook. The location of the wounds on the grizzly’s neck and armpit suggest that the goat, as it was being attacked by the bear, was able to pierce the bear with its horns.


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