Mother sues Seattle for son’s death in CHAZ

Pictured – Left: Killer Marcel Long; Right: Victim Lorenzo Anderso

The Post Millennial:

19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson was gunned down inside CHAZ and died after paramedics refused to enter the “no-cop” zone

Anderson was allegedly chased down by Marcel Long and shot 4 times after what surveillance video showed was a brief interaction. The shooting took place on the night of June 20th while the Capital Hill neighbourhood is Seattle was occupied by protesters and declared a “no-cop” zone.

Anderson spoke to Long briefly which prompted Long to pull out a gun. Anderson fled and Long chased him down and shot him according to court documents. Long is still at large and is wanted for 1st degree murder charges.

After Anderson was shot Seattle paramedics refused to enter the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ),  also known as CHOP, Capital Hill Occupied Protest, because the Seattle police had abandoned the area and the paramedics were concerned for their safety. The refusal to provide Anderson emergency medical care is the chief complaint in Donnitta Sinclair’s lawsuit.

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