Mother of Texas elementary school shooter claims her son, 18, was NOT a violent person

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The mother of the sick school shooter who shot dead 19 children and two teachers in Texas has claimed he ‘wasn’t a violent person’.

Adriana Reyes said she was ‘surprised’ Salvador Ramos opened fire in a horrific killing spree at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde yesterday.

She admitted her son was a loner who ‘kept to himself and didn’t have many friends’ but shot down reports she had a toxic relationship with him.

In an exclusive interview with she did not address claims she was a drug addict who saw the boy ditch her and go to live with his grandmother Celia Gonzalez.

Reyes was speaking from the bedside of Gonzalez, 66, as she recovers from being blasted in the face by her vile grandson before he went on a rampage and shot dead 19 children and two teachers.

He had bought two AR-15 assault rifles, bragged about them on social media and suggested he would commit an atrocity before the deadly attack.

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