Most Bay Area counties are rejecting California’s Prop. 16, the state’s affirmative action measure

SF Gate:

California’s Proposition 16, which would legalize affirmative action in the state, has failed, the Associated Press reported Wednesday morning.

Statewide, the measure was failing 56.1% to 43.9% as of Wednesday morning (70% of expected votes reported), with the measure doing well in most large cities, but failing in suburban and rural areas.

In the Bay Area, Prop. 16 did very well in San Francisco and Alameda counties, but as of Wednesday morning, was split nearly 50-50 in Santa Clara County — a somewhat eye-popping figure for an urban-to-suburban county that houses San Jose and Silicon Valley.

All nine Bay Area counties are on pace to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden by more than 30% — seemingly confirming an abundance of data out there that shows even self-identified Democrats are lukewarm on affirmative action.

Here are Prop. 16 results in each Bay Area county as of 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, with estimated percentages of total votes cast from NBC News.

A list of counties follows …

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