Morris: NY Gov Hochul Targets Cigarette Smokers After Legalizing Weed

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) is ramping up the state’s crusade against cigarette smokers — taking a sin tax position that speaks to the executive’s pattern of haphazard decision-making and penchant for casual tyranny.

New York media is reporting that the Democratic guv — who barely hung on to the role she inherited, following the spectacular fall of elder abuser and serial harasser Andrew Cuomo — has proposed a plan to hike the cigarette tax in the Empire State by another dollar, to $5.35.

But Hochul also legalized marijuana sales for recreational use in the state last month; she claims the move is centered around “equity” and will, somehow, “revitalize communities,” currently strewn with garbage, overrun by mentally ill vagrants, infested with rats, and plagued by rampant crime.

So, if this is about protecting health, how does the New York executive claim that smoking cigarettes is bad for our health but pot isn’t when pot is clearly equally bad or worse for health than cigarettes?

According to a report published just Thursday by Columbia University, the rate of asthma among teens in states that have legalized marijuana has shot up, especially among those in minority racial and ethnic groups.

“Our findings suggest that state-level cannabis policy could have downstream impacts on children’s respiratory health,” said Renee D. Goodwin, PhD, adjunct associate professor in the Department of Epidemiology at Columbia Mailman School and professor at The City University of New York. “Cannabis use is increasing among adults with children in the home, particularly in states which have legalized for medical or recreational use. Exposure to secondhand smoke is a key risk factor for asthma among children. This study offers a critical first step in identifying a key children’s health concern emerging in the context of rapid, ongoing changes in cannabis policy that are unaccompanied by clinical or public health guidelines for parents,” Columbia reported.


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