More Americans smoke marijuana than cigarettes, poll finds

A majority of people say they smoke marijuana more than cigarettes, based on data from a new Gallup poll.

Sixteen percent of Americans say they currently smoke marijuana with 48% of respondents sharing that they have tried it at some point in their life — the highest rate ever recorded by Gallup. Last year, 12% of respondents said they used marijuana.

The poll released on Aug. 16 was part of a study that examined people’s attitudes regarding marijuana’s benefits to society.

Gallup’s poll finds that marijuana use was higher among adults between the ages of 18 and 34 with 30% responding that they smoke pot and 22% consume marijuana edibles. These numbers are significantly lower in both categories for adults 35 to 54 years old (16%) and Americans 55 and older (7%).

The analytics and research company conducted a related poll on Aug. 26 that collected responses for a survey discussing alcohol, cigarette, and marijuana use among Americans.

A new record low of 11% of adults reported smoking cigarettes with approximately three in 10 nonsmokers stating they used to smoke, a steep drop in cigarette use compared to 45% in the 1950s.


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