Montana woman ignites fury after posting photos of shot and skinned husky dog

A western Montana woman’s post is going viral on Facebook after she claims she shot, killed, and skinned a wolf pup in Flathead County. According to Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, the animal she hunted wasn’t a wolf, but a dog.

The woman took to social media, claiming she “smoked” a wolf pup with pictures to prove it, including one of the shot and skinned animal.

However, there was one big, glaring problem with the post.

MTN is refraining from showing those photos in the post and identifying the woman, who has not been charged with anything related to the incident. MTN reached out to the woman on social media but did not immediately get a response.

According to Lemon, the woman actually shot a dog near Martin City outside of Kalispell.

“It’s always important to be certain of the animal you’re going to harvest,” Lemon said.

Great Falls native Rebecca Harding couldn’t agree more.

“It’s like, how could you ever mistake a husky like that for a wolf,” said Harding.


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