Pictured: FL Governor Ron De Santis listening intently to Scott Atlas

By Dr. Michael Savage at NewsMax:


Today we have an interview with Dr. Scott Atlas from a while ago. Dr. Atlas was very controversial, but after the interview I contacted the White House and Atlas was taken into the inner circle of President Trump. He tried to advise clowns like Fauci on the proper way to approach the COVID epidemic. The media ripped Dr. Atlas apart and he was eventually dismissed from the White House, while Fauci is still there.

This APRIL 2020 interview was ahead of its time. And for today, it is right on time. I hope you enjoy it.


I received a text from a friend who was a retired radiologist, pointing me to an article in the New York Post by Scott Atlas MD, a brilliant neuroradiologist who wrote one of the best books in the field and was head of neuroradiology at Stanford. In the article he says it’s time to start easing the lockdowns.

SAVAGE: Welcome to the show Dr. Atlas. Now I agree with you for sure. But how do you scientifically make the case to reopen the country? On what basis would you recommend that be done?

ATLAS: We’ve learned quite a bit since this started, beyond the early projection models. Number one, there’s a far lower risk of contracting the virus and a very, very small risk of dying depending upon what your age group and category is. Number two, we know that protecting those who are vulnerable would alleviate hospital overcrowding. People who are older and those with underlying conditions.

Number three, we know that by doing the lockdown, we are focusing on COVID-19 at all costs in medical care. And what that means is that other people are dying. We are missing half of people who have cancer, who need chemotherapy but are skipping it. We’re missing 80% of brain tumor surgery, brain surgeries are not being done in acute stroke patients.

And the fourth big point is that we know from decades of virology and immunology and basic science, that by restricting all interactions among people, we are prolonging the process of population immunity. And we know that not just from virology in general, we also have decades of knowledge about the coronavirus family itself.

The great news is that half of people are asymptomatic when infected, and the overwhelming majority do not have a serious disease. By virtue of them developing antibodies, that breaks up the network of infectivity to vulnerable people. And that’s how populations become immune. And although we don’t know for sure that antibodies are protective, it would be unexpected if they’re not.

SAVAGE: So Dr. Atlas you’re for opening up whole cities, or just portions of the country?

ATLAS: : I’m for opening up where it is reasonable. Realizing that young people don’t have a significant risk at all, we can reopen schools. We don’t have to have social distancing for people who are in their twenties, who have no significant risk of a serious disease. We just have to protect the vulnerable, while the immunity can develop and reopen society.

SAVAGE: How did they get the early models so wrong?

ATLAS: When you look at models that are done very early, they are by necessity dealing with very little facts and just simply mathematics. The early projections were that there was a fatality rate of 3% – 5%. That’s just not true, that’s wrong, and we know that from the evidence,

SAVAGE: So Dr. Atlas, your article comes out in the New York Post, saying it’s time to start easing the lockdowns. Why is there still resistance here in the state of California and in other liberal states?

ATLAS: You know there are different styles of governing. And I think it’s another conversation about what is the role of government in dictating behavior of people once you have flattened the curve. Everyone really believes that flattening the curve was accomplished. Now we have to decide, you know, how to do things without harm. There’s a massive amount of harm by continuing total economic and total people control.

SAVAGE: A hundred percent right. But you know, when this was at its apex I was saying “Look, here are the six counties that have zero cases or almost zero cases. Why don’t you open them up? What is it one size fits all?” And there was no movement. Why are the politicians so limited? They have more power than they’ve ever dreamed of number one. And as you well know, bureaucrats love power.

ATLAS: Yes, well I’m not a legal expert but what I can tell you is that it seems quite clear that fear has influenced public policy, and there is no place for fear. It should all about science and common sense and logic, not fear.

SAVAGE: Dr. Atlas, thanks for being with us on the Savage nation.

It’s a pleasure listening to someone who knows what he’s talking about. He’s a scientist who says it’s time to reopen the schools and selectively reopen the country. And as you well know, I agree with that. I’ve been trying to say the same thing for weeks now. Maybe they’ll listen to him.

And I think it’s time for the task force to listen to some people outside of government who are as brilliant as he is and reopen this nation before there’s nothing to reopen for.


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