Monkeypox: UK Running Low on Vaccines After Pride Parade

Britain is running low on monkeypox vaccine doses, with one city in particular seeing jab appointments dry up shortly after it hosted a Pride parade.

The United Kingdom is due to run out of monkeypox vaccination doses before being restocked in September, with the city of Brighton in particular reportedly suspending walk-in jabs shortly after the city’s Pride parade due to its supplies running chronically low.

Occurring at the beginning of the month, Brighton’s 30th Pride parade hit the media last week after one police force that attended the event announced that it did not want those who disagreed with its progressive politics to even bother applying to join it.

According to a report by The Telegraph, the United Kingdom would be out of jabs long before a shipment of 100,000 more doses was delivered by the sole provider of monkeypox vaccines, Bavarian Nordic.

With the shortage appearing to be particularly bad in Brighton,  a local Labour MP for the area said that only pre-booked appointments for shots will now be honoured.


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