Money matters: Financial stress literally making 2 in 5 young Americans sick


The cost of health care in the United States is a controversial topic. For many, health costs are a serious source of stress, particularly with a slumping economy and the potential for a recession on the horizon. Now, a recently conducted survey reveals some troubling truths about the impact financial stress is having on an entire generation of Americans.

According to a survey of 1,000 Americans aged 25-45, financial stress and worries are quite literally making people sick. Respondents listed health care as the main financial worry of their lives, and three in four admitted to having a “negative experience” due to financial stress. Ironically, 39% said that financial stress has had a negative impact on their health; indicating a troubling cycle of financial stress brought on by health care costs, which in turn leads to more health problems.

Additionally, 35% of respondents said financial stress has harmed their relationship with a spouse or significant other, and 26% said financial worries had harmed close friendships. Another 26% said it had affected their performance at work, and 21% said it had hurt their attendance at work.

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