Moment civilian passenger, 64, is accidentally EJECTED from a French fighter jet when he panicked during ‘observation flight’

Daily Mail:

  • Defence manufacturer gifted flight on Rafale B fighter jet by four colleagues
  • BEA-E report says the passenger was nervous and pressured into flight
  • He received inadequate safety checks and was ill-prepared for G force
  • The civilian passenger panicked and accidentally ejected himself, report says
  • BEA-E outlined chain reaction of failure which prevented jet from crashing 

A civilian passenger accidentally ejected himself from a French fighter jet when he panicked during an ‘observation’ flight he was ‘pressured’ into.

The 64-year-old French defence manufacturer was gifted a discovery flight on a twin-seat Rafale B fighter jet as a surprise by four colleagues.  

His visor was up, his anti-g pants were not worn properly, and his helmet and oxygen mask were unattached due to insufficient safety checks. 


Discovering the feeling of the negative load factor, the insufficiently strapped and totally surprised passenger held onto the ejector handle and activated it unintentionally,’ the BEA-E report into the incident stated. 

The 64-year-old lost his helmet and oxygen mask during the ejection. The dinghy failed to inflate due to a technical flaw of the seat.  

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