Moment Christopher Wright body-slammed, beaten to death while protecting son caught on chilling video

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Chilling video caught the moment protective Maryland dad Christopher Wright was brutally body-slammed and beaten to death in front of one of his young sons — but also reveals he threw the first punch.

Grainy footage from a neighbor’s security camera shows the 43-year-old dad outside his suburban Baltimore home being confronted by a group his family says were hunting for his 14-year-old son, Trenton, over a petty schoolyard dispute.

The footage, shot from some distance down the street on May 19, shows Wright pointing animatedly to his left, toward where another of his three sons stands by his side.

The dad then points his left arm at the apparent ringleader, before throwing a right punch toward his head.

It is not clear if the punch lands, but Wright immediately backs up as two members of the group march toward him. One starts swinging punches, grappling with the dad as they run between two parked cars. Wright is then seen being lifted in the air and slammed violently to the street.