Mom to testify against Ivy League son in husband’s murder case


She loves her husband’s killer — as only a mother could.

When the trial of alleged Ivy League murderer Thomas Gilbert Jr. opens in Manhattan this month, the prosecution’s star witness will be his own mom, who told The Post in an exclusive interview that she knows her privileged son pulled the trigger — but says it was only under the weight of severe mental illness.

“I don’t have any choice. You have to do it,’’ Shelley Gilbert said of testifying against her son, 34-year-old Princeton grad Tommy.

“It was obvious he’d done it,’’ the mom said, speaking at length for the first time since the January 2015 slaying of her 70-year-old hedge-fund husband, Thomas Sr.

“There was no one else around. Most trials you have to prove who did it. That’s not true of this one. What’s cruel is I have to relive it on the stand.’’

The day of the slaying, Gilbert Jr. asked his mom to go out to get him a sandwich — and while she was gone, he blasted his dad in his parents’ bedroom in the family’s $6,000-a-month rented apartment in Turtle Bay.

Prosecutors say the son was furious at his financier father for trimming his $3,000-a-month allowance by $200.

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