Mob beats man to death after he allegedly hits pregnant girlfriend in Utah

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The Post Millennial:

An angry mob of teens and people in their 20s chased a Utah man in a car and then beat him to death after he allegedly hit his pregnant girlfriend, giving her a black eye.

After hearing from a pregnant woman that a man beat her, giving her a black eye, an angry mob of teens and young adults on Monday chased down a Utah man and beat him to death with wooden blocks and a pole.

The man, 41-year-old Fred Valdamar Ortiz, died an hour after the beating, at around 2:30, in a local hospital, succumbing to his injuries. The incident took place in the town of Magna, Utah.

It was at a local dog breeder’s house where a few people who were looking to buy a puppy, including Xandre Hill and a woman named Hannah, heard from the pregnant woman that Ortiz had beaten her, and saw her black eye.

When they saw Ortiz ride by on his manual scooter, the group pursued him, according to local news. Another individual, Osyeanna Martinez and two others, one of who was 13-years-old, pursued Ortiz in their cars.

Hannah gave her eye witness account to police, saying that she saw Martinez hit Ortiz with her car, and that Ortiz started running. The mob pursued him, chasing him down, and beat him. No one interceded to stop the attack.

Surveillance video shows Martinez beating Ortiz with wooden boards. Hill is seen on video using a pole to beat Ortiz, and later looking at his hands before wiping his them on his shirt.

The mob is en leaving the scene of the crime, with Martinez riding a scooter, and one of the group taking the pole. Hill admitted to tackling and punching Ortiz, and that he saw others beating him as well. Martinez admitted to throwing the block of wood at him.

Another of the group, identified as MP, said that Ortiz was her stepfather and that the pregnant woman he beat was her mother. Ortiz was on parole at the time of his death. MP said that she tried to pepper spray Ortiz prior to the melee, but that the wind blew the spray back on her face, meaning that she didn’t see the fight while she rinsed her face.

Both Hill and Martinez have been charged, while multiple adults were taken into custody. Ortiz died about an hour after the beating at a nearby hospital. Police say that all of those involved knew each other.

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