MIT under fire for invited speaker’s past comments on Islam


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is facing a backlash after it invited a prominent Indian politician and economics professor who critics say has spewed “hate speech” to speak at a conference.

A petition, which has gathered less than 2,000 signatures and was endorsed by a handful of Indian-American and Muslim groups, is calling on MIT President L. Rafael Reif to revoke Subramanian Swamy’s invitation to the MIT India Conference 2019 because he is an “Islamophobe and homophobe.”

Swamy, an outspoken supporter of Israel and President Trump, is a member of India’s parliament. He taught at Harvard University, where he got his doctorate degree in economics and then moved to the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. Swamy taught economics courses in summer sessions at Harvard until 2011, after students petitioned to have him removed for a controversial article he wrote on “how to wipe out Islamic terror” following an Islamic terror attack in Mumbai. Harvard initially stood by him, citing “free speech,” but eventually acquiesced, essentially firing him because of the oped.

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