MIT cancels geophysicist’s lecture after woke ‘Twitter mob’ outrage

NY Post

A geophysicist has slammed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for caving to cancel culture after his upcoming science lecture was axed due to outrage from a “Twitter mob” who opposed his views on diversity. Dorian Abbot, an associate professor of geophysics at the University of Chicago, wrote in an op-ed on Bari Weiss’ Substack on Tuesday that MIT contacted him last week to say his Carlson Lecture was being canceled to “avoid controversy.” Abbot accused MIT of “quickly” relenting to a Twitter campaign led by MIT students and recent alumni that demanded he be uninvited from the annual public lecture because he’d recently argued that academic evaluations should be based on merit. He argued the Twitter mob came after him following a Newsweek op-ed he wrote in August in which he and Stanford University professor Ivan Marinovic argued that current diversity efforts — known as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — at universities violated equal treatment.

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