Mississippi cop under investigation for aggressive handling of young man

New York Daily News:

A Mississippi police officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation after video showing his rough handling of a young man emerged on social media last week.

In the two-minute video, which began circulating on Friday night, Officer Myron Smith of Jackson is seen pinning an unidentified man by the neck against the outside of a car. Bystanders urge Smith to let him go, with one woman saying, “He can’t breathe,” but an angry Smith continues to shout at the man as he struggles against the hold.

“Make me, make me, I say, make me,” he was filmed saying, seemingly taunting the man into escalating the situation.

“What did I tell you to do, what did I tell you to do? When I told you to leave, what are you out here doing?” he also yelled.

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