The New York Post:

A Russian tourist and her friend were violently attacked by a would-be mugger on a Manhattan sidewalk in late June, police and sources said.

The two women were randomly targeted by a male suspect as they strolled along West 15th Street near Eighth Avenue in Chelsea at about 9:30 p.m. on June 26, according to police.

The brute attacked the 31-year-old tourist first, grabbing her and tossing her into a scaffolding pole before shoving her to the ground, according to police sources and video footage of the incident.

The horrifying video of the assault shows the suspect then drag the woman across the sidewalk as her 33-year-old friend tries to intervene.

The suspect tried to rip away the tourist’s purse, but she managed to hold onto it, according to police.

The two women were reportedly attacked in front of 236 West 15th Street.

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