Minnesota fails to pass police reform bill; Gov. Walz says he’s ’embarrassed’

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Fox News:

Republicans rejected three proposals, according to FOX 9, including:

  • any defunding of the police
  • granting voting rights to felons
  • giving the Attorney General jurisdiction over police-involved deaths.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz expressed his frustration Saturday after a weeks-long special session in the state’s senate failed to pass a police reform bill.

Walz said he was “embarrassed” a decision couldn’t be made after the death of George Floyd “and a national reckoning on race and police accountability.”

Minnesota State Senate Republicans had said they would review changes Democratic lawmakers proposed within a week, officially wrapping everything up Friday — despite having no official deadline.

Republican lawmakers gave what they called “one final offer” on police reforms, which Democrats said fell short of any real changes.

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