Millions in Jewelry Stolen from Armored Vehicle near Los Angeles

Millions of dollars worth of jewelry are recently stolen from an armored vehicle near Los Angeles.

The incident occurred in northern Los Angeles County on the morning of July 11 as the jewelry was traveling in a Brink’s armored truck from a trade show in San Mateo on July 10, near the Bay Area, to Pasadena.

A spokeswoman for Brink’s confirmed to multiple outlets that the incident occurred but did not go further into the detail about the incident.

The exact amount that was stolen or if anyone was harmed during the heist has not been determined.

The private security company believes that less than $10 million was stolen, whereas one victim told the New York Times that an estimated $20 million to $50 million was stolen.

However, another victim told CBS Los Angeles that he believes up to $150 million in jewelry was stolen. The outlet noted the stolen items belonged to 18 jewelers from the International Gem and Jewelry Show.

Multiple gold and diamond necklaces are the among items believed to have been stolen, the Times noted.

A spokeswoman with the FBI confirmed to the Times they are working with local authorities but did not provide any other information.


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