Milley Beat 1982 DUI Charge, Paid $100 Fine


The Star News Network confirmed Monday that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley was the same Mark A. Milley charged with driving under the influence in Cumberland County, North Carolina, after a Nov. 19, 1982 traffic stop. The Star obtained the arrest and court records from the incident, which were validated by a Cumberland County, North Carolina, records section clerk to The Star last week. Those records show that Milley was not convicted on the drunk driving charge, but was found guilty of driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Milley paid a $100 fine for going the wrong way, plus a $31 court fee. The drunk driving charge was dismissed by the district attorney’s office on Dec. 21, 1982, according to the court records. There is no further information available about either incident, because under the rules then, the paper records would have been destroyed after three years, the clerk said. Initially, there was a discrepancy between the birthdate listed on Milley’s arrest and court record, June 20, 1958, and some internet sources, which list Milley’s birthdate as June 18, 1958. The Star confirmed through the Winchester, Massachusetts Town Clerk’s Office, the town in which Milley was born, that his birthdate is in fact June 20, 1958, which matches the arrest and court records. “Mark Milley [sic] date of birth is June 20, 1958,” the Winchester, Massachusetts, town clerk’s office said by email.

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