Mike Lee: Democrat ‘Infrastructure’ Bill an ‘Inflation Bomb Dropped on an Already-Carpet Bombed Economy’


During an appearance on FNC’s “The Next Revolution” on Sunday, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) had some unflattering remarks regarding a so-called infrastructure bill promoted by congressional Democrats.

According to the Utah GOP lawmaker, the bill could accelerate the inflationary trend underway in the U.S. economy if passed.

“It’s a terrible bill, and look — this is yet another inflation bomb dropped on an already-carpet bombed economy,” he said. “This is something that reinforces the false notion that the Federal government is in charge of everything, and it is also based on a false notion that this is principally about infrastructure, which it isn’t. And by the way, most infrastructure isn’t Federal and should never be in the first place.”

“This is going to make everything more expensive for Americans,” Lee continued. “It causes inflation. Inflation hurts the poor and middle class more than anyone else. This bill is going to make a substantial effort at destroying the budding cryptocurrency industry. It’s also going to wreak havoc on homeowners, as homebuyers find these increased fees that they’re putting in place are going to make everything more expensive in the real estate market they already can’t afford.”

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