Migrant: Caravan Posted Women, Children at Front of Border Rush


Caravan organizers allowed women and children to lead Sunday’s march on the border wall in San Ysidro, shortly before some tried to break through the barrier, according to at least one migrant.

The statements corroborate reports by officials at the Department of Homeland Security, who said caravan organizers made women and children vulnerable before U.S. border officers had to use tear gas to repel aggressive young males trying to get through the border wall.

The DailyBeast reported from Mexico:

Luis Corrales, 35, a waiter from San Pedro Sula, didn’t expect any problems in the protest. He said the march set out to seek answers from U.S. officials, though he acknowledged some had hoped they could make their case to border patrol agents and enter the United States.

Women and children were walking at the front of the march, he said, “to see if they would let them enter.”

A November 27 statement from the caravan’s leaders said:

Last Sunday we were the victims of repression by the U.S. border patrol, who launched teargas at us several times, affecting the children. We were only walking so that we could be visible, so that they would recognize that we are a large group of people who just want to be heard so that international law can protect us as we migrate and seek to improve our lives.

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