Michigan professor sparks outrage after saying university’s policies are racist

The New York Post:

A Michigan professor has sparked a firestorm after demanding an apology for his university’s new anti-racism policies — insisting that he has been “systematically discriminated against for 40 years” as a white man.

Jeffrey Burl used Michigan Technological University headed notepaper for his two-page diatribe in January against a series of strict resolutions that damned college- and society-wide “anti-Blackness and systemic racism.”

He requested “an apology for the racist sentiments expressed” in the resolutions which “contribute to a hostile work environment,” saying they implied that “white people and local people are racist.”

“I find this resolution particularly offensive because I, as a white male, have been systematically discriminated against for 40 years,” Burl wrote in the letter widely shared among students and sparking a petition demanding he be fired for his “ignorance and hate.”

The Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering insisted that during his 28 years at the university in Houghton he saw no “discrimination against women and people of color” while the college “actively discriminated against white males.”

“Discrimination in hiring, discrimination in grant allocation, discrimination in advancement, etc.,” he wrote.

“Simple statistical analysis will demonstrate that Michigan Tech’s hiring practices are biased against white males,” he said, claiming to have been “denied an opportunity to compete for my dream job because of gender discrimination.”

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