HERE’S ONE THAT SICKENS: Michigan man charged with nursing home attack that outraged Trump – VIDEO (WARNING)

New York Post:

A young Detroit nursing home patient has been charged in the brutal, caught-on-video beatdown of his 75-year-old roommate that left President Trump outraged.

Jaden Hayden, 20, is facing assault charges for allegedly filming himself repeatedly punching Norman Bledsoe and stealing his credit cards. The alleged attack left the elderly man hospitalized with head injuries.

Hayden allegedly told staff at Westwood Rehabilitation Nursing Center that his roommate had fallen out of bed. But he was busted after posting video of his attack online — grabbing the attention of the president.

“Is this even possible to believe?” Trump tweeted last Thursday.

The video also reached Detroit police, who arrested Hayden the same day Trump tweeted.

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