Michael Savage Welcomes Ukrainian Refugees, Rips ‘Racist’ Left for Making About Race  

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Conservative radio legend Michael Savage, who has long described “borders, language, and culture” as the three pillars that define a nation, ripped “left-wing racists” for making the issue of Ukrainian refugees about race as he welcomed highly skilled Ukrainians fleeing war, contrasting them with “illegals” from Central America seeking a “welfare cushion to land on.” Offering his reaction to recent reports of Ukrainian refugees being turned away at the southern border, conservative radio host and best-selling author Michael Savage in an interview with Newsmax TV’s Grant Stinchfield on Tuesday, described the current period as a “terribly tragic time in human history,” while calling out “racists” on the left for their obsessive focus on race. “Left-wing racists are making this about race,” he said, adding that “fleeing a war zone such as Ukraine is not the same as running to a welfare zone.” He then highlighted factors distinguishing different refugee groups. “What people should understand is that the Central Americans, as wonderful as some of these people can be, are largely illiterate in their own native language,” he said. “Most of them cannot read or write Spanish. They can speak it [but] they can’t read or write it,” he added. “They have no skills that we need. They are coming here as total wards of the state.” In contrast, Savage described the skills possessed by Ukrainian refugees. “Conversely, most Ukrainians are trilingual,” he noted. “They speak Ukrainian, they speak Russian, and many of them speak English,” with many of those seeking asylum in the U.S. being “professionals bringing skills that we can use in this country.” “They’re trilingual, they’re literate, [and] they’re trained professionals,” he explained. The famed radio commentator rejected the notion that race played any role in such decisions. “So it’s not really about race as some in the media such as ABC News are trying to make it,” he said, adding, “they’re dissimulating everything and mixing it all together. We all know how they work.”

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